Imagine a Tower 3x Burj Khalifa


 is a proposed skyscraper design announced on 25 August 2008.  If ever constructed, the Dubai City Tower will be much taller than any other current man-made structure, at almost three times the height of the Burj Khalifa. Look at the comparrsion.

Even though I’m not scared of heights, I will probably get that fear. But I like the design. I can bet it will need tons and TONS of money. But I watched this documentary thing about Dubai ( link is below) which showed how they made their buildings. 


Link to the documentary:




Book of the Week


We (Shivani & me) have decided to day a weekly thing called “Book of the week”, Every Saturday we will recommend a book. Haven’t you guys heard “a person who reads lives thousand of lives, and who doesn’t read only lives one.” If you do read the book, give us your opinion. OK.