All little thin…

All little things in life are the most extraordinary.
-The Alchemist


Happiness Story

Two kids playing begin to argue. One said “I hate you! I never play with you.” A few moments they play separately. Then they started playing again. How did two kids be so mad one minute and best friend the next? Simply because it is more important for them to be happy than to be right.

Life can be very unfair

Life can so unfair; cooking a meal take an hour, but eating it takes five minutes.Constructing a building takes six months,but blowing it up takes 30 seconds. Earning 10,000 takes 30 days, but buying a product for 8,000 takes two seconds.However; it is pretty amazing that an one-second kiss on the cheek can make your day. A second glimpse at your crush can make your week and a 10-second hug can take your one year of pain.