The Bestfriend Tag! By: Mansi and Shivani

  • How and when did you first meet?

= We met because of shivani’s cousin. First when we met it was very awkward. Very. Then we just started talking and hanging out. That’s how we became best friends.

  • What’s you favorite memory together?

= the sleepover that we stayed up till 4am!

  • How long have you two know each other?

= 4 years

  • Describe each other in one word?

Mansi: Funny

Shivani: Nice

  • What’s your dream job?

M: Doctor

S: Astronaut

  • What is something that annoys you about the other person?

=Keep repeating our problems; like thousand times

  • If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

= India, because we were both born there.

  • Favorite inside joke?

=Too many to note

  • Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?


  • Favorite season?


  • Favorite song?

M: One step at a time, Jordon Sparks

S: Come and get it, Selena Gomez

  • Heels or flats?


  • Pants or dresses?

M: Pants

S: Dresses

  • If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

M: My quotes books because they took me LONG time to make.

S: important legal documents because they are important

  • Comedy, horror or chick flick?


  • Blackberry or iphone?


  • Favorite movie?

M: Just like Heaven

S: Confessions of a shopaholic

  • What is something weird you eat?

=Can’t think of anything

  • Do you guys have anything matching?

=Aeropostle sweatpants and Aeropostle shirts

  • What’s you favorite tv show?

M: The suite life series

S: Don’t have one

  • A situation where you hated or got mad at your best friend?

M: Shivani called me and said there was a big emergency. I ran at top speed, and guess what the emergency was? Her charger wasn’t working.

S: Don’t have a situation

  • Beach or mountains or forests?


  • 2 things about yourself that your bf didn’t know.

M: My dog died in my farmhouse, and my grandparents went to tour Europe together

S: I have very bad motion sickness problem, and She got stuck in the flood one day (India)

  • Favorite food

M:  My mom’s food

S: Pizza, Garlic bread, Subs from subway, Mom’s cooking, Mansi’s mom’s cooking.

  • What do you like most about each other’s personality.

M: Shivani is a hard worker

S: Mansi is optimistic.

  • If granted a wish what would you do together?

M: Spend a whole day together ex) swimming, sleepover, making food, etc.

S: Become the richest people, and shop till we drop ( Mansi does not like shopping)

  • Describe your ideal husband would look like
  • Weird or secret talents?


  • Biggest fear?

M: Darkness and insects

S: Heights

  • Is the other a good singer?

M: No

S: Yes

  • Is the other a good dancer?

M: Kind of

S: Don’t know

  • Is the other artistic in any way?

M: She is probably the most artistic and creative person I’ve ever seen

S: Don’t know

  • Do you guys share clothing?

= No

  • Do you guys have similar styles?


  • Do you guys have similar music taste?

=Kind of

  • Facebook, twitter or tumblr?

M: None

S: Facebook

  • My best friend looks beautiful when________?

M: When she is happy

S: When she smiles

  • Favorite cartoon tv show?

M: W.i.t.c.h and Totally spies

S: Spongebob squarepants

  • What would you cook for me and why?

M: My mom’s sandwich because she has been annoying me because of this topic. She wants the sandwich

S: Most chocolaty icing cake in the world, because Mansi does not like icing cakes.

  • What is something you want to change about your best friend?

M: Make her eat more healthy food

S: Make her like shopping

  •  What do you do at night that helps you cant fall asleep?

M: Listen to my breath, and counting until I get bored

S: Listen to sad, slow music


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